Should I update ASUS H170 Pro Gaming BIOS?

Have an ASUS H170 Pro Gaming MB with BIOS version: 0601 (11/17/2015) American Megatrends Inc.

On ASUS website http:// the latest BIOS version is now 3401 released on 4/21/2017. Everything is working on my machine right now, but multiple BIOS releases have been issued since my current version and description states "improve system stability" and the latest is "enhance system compatibility". I read several posts where a BIOS update didn't end well. Any advise on if it is worth it to update my current BIOS? Thanks in advance.

CPU: Intel i5-6600
Windows 10, build 10.0.15063
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390 Series
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    Only update bios if you're having some sort of issue. Of everything is smooth sailing right now I wouldn't consider it.
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  2. Thanks Supahos. I'm taking your advice.
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  3. In computers in general I subscribe not the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" something working perfectly fine can only get worse :)
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