DDR4 3200 MHz with Ryzen 5 1600 would require overclocking?

I am planning on getting a Ryzen 5 1600 with a B350 motherboard for my build(for AAA gaming not above 1080p 60 FPS). If I got memory kit labeled as 3200 MHz would I still need to overclock it to get it to run at that speed, like overclocking a 2400 MHz memory to 3200 MHz or would it run at the mentioned speed out of the box?
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  1. It will run at the speed it says overclocking is upto you
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  2. It will not, you will still need to at least pick a speed profile from the BIOS or enter the settings manually, otherwise it will most likely run at 2133 MHz.
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  3. Logan you just restated what the OP asked, that really was not helpful. If the RAM has an XMP profile then you would set the memory to say "profile 1' in the bios and it would work out of the box. Note most memory does not have an XMP profile. You could go with gskill FlareX and choose a motherboard on its QVL list as an example of a setup that would just work.
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  4. I am thinking of getting a gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 or MSI B350M Gaming Pro. If its turns out the memory I get does not have an XMP profile with those boards, then at what speed would the memory run at? And could I get it to safely run at 3200 MHz with XMP?
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    all the memory modules will have an XMP profile to choose from, if it will work at 3200 MHz is going to depend on the memory sticks and the board, pick a memory kit from the list of supported kits on the motherboard website that works at the speed desired. I would also recommend you update your motherboard BIOS before even trying to get the memory to 3200. If you don't pick any profiles the RAM will run at 2133 MHz.
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  6. Thanks! About the QVLs, the product IDs for RAMs sticks listed in the support documents of every mobo I have seen never match the ones availabe in India. For example all the 8GB stick and 16GB kits available here have product IDs not listed in any QVL from major companies(Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, ASRock) and when I search the IDs listed in the QVLs, they are never available in India(retail stores, and even Newegg's India store).
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