what is the best gpu and cpu out right now?

ok so im a pc noob and i wanted to know the best cpu and gpu combo doesn't matter what the price is
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  1. Well, speaking in general terms, I would say the best combination of CPU and best singular GPU would be an i7-6950X with a Nvidia Titan XP
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    More realistically your ideal combo would be an i7-7700k with a Nvidia 1080 ti
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  3. For gaming, the highest FPS would be provided by i7-7700k / GTX 1080 Ti. The CPU and GPU will cost about $1,090 combined ($340 + $750).
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  4. I agree with ExaltedNik. They are not the best but they pair together excellent.
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  5. Depends on the usage.

    (Prices does not include cooling. Just the GPU and CPU. Prices are in cheapest available in USD.)
    (This is exuding SLI)

    Un realistic, but the best:
    Gaming: i7 7700k overclocked to 5.2 ghz with high end cooling + GTX Titan Xp ($1,780 or $1,530 with luck)
    Multi threaded applications: Intel XEON E5-2699 v4 + GTX Titan Xp ($4,160)

    Realistic (much better value):
    Gaming (for 144hz refresh rate at high resolution): i7 7700k + GTX 1080ti ($996)
    Multi threaded applications: Ryzen R7 1700 + GTX 1080ti (If the program actually does take advantage of all the CPU cores aswell as GPU) ($973).
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