Can I play GTA 5 and FIFA 17 on my PC?

I'm planning to build a budget gaming PC and I will be using Intel i3 7100 and Zotac Geforce Gtx 750 ti 2 GB graphics card and 8 GB of ram and MSI H110m - pro VH PLUS 6th gen motherboard. So my question is can I play GTA 5, FIFA 17 and Battlefield series with that configuration? Sorry for my bad english :p
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  1. Yes you can easily play GTA V and FIFA 17. My PC can handle easily GTA V and FIFA 17 I have Intel Core i5 750, Geforce GT 9800 and Corsair 12GB ram
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    That totally depends on your monitor resolution, framerate you want, and how much "eye candy" you want turned on. Those are entry level parts so you should expect entry level resolution and framerate. For example BF1 should get close to 60fps (at 1080p/medium preset) average in multiplayer - the CPU might struggle on 64-player maps:,4787-4.html

    Only you can tell if that is good enough for your enjoyment.
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