Cooling with the Corsair H100i v2 and i7 7700k

I've been cooling with this aio for about a year. I recently got the 7700k and the msi z270 m5 gaming. My temps have been around 45 celsius at idle. Is this normal? I know kaby lake is a hot chip but that seems a little high to me, I could be wrong. In games im usually around 70-80 celsius. I used to get lower temps with the 4790k and the same aio.
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  1. This may be because of the new motherboard, try undervolting your CPU as much as you can unless you are planning on over clocking, most newer mobo's tend to provide higher voltages to the CPU unnecessarily.
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  2. thing is if you look here at h100 coolers you see a lot of high temp threads on them - almost makes me think a good air cooler is just as good if not better ?? [for a lot less money]

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  3. Likely not the cooler...

    Unless it leaked.

    You might be in for a funeral.

    Good luck
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    maybe just to add if you got good temps with the 4790 may be a goofed mounting job? not like I never had to remount a cooler if not satisfied with the temps I get ? too tight too loose tightened crooked / uneven ??? too little / too much paste , ect....

    I do see a few guys saying there 7700 are a tad bit hotter then there haswells were anyway and a bit harder to cool them . [???]

    I'd first redo the mounting to insure its all correct . like a cooler that needs lapping or any thing off can be the diff between a great cooling and not so great - theres more to it then just slapping a cooler on and expecting it to be fully efficient

    good luck
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