HDD won't boot, PC giving me a hard time

So, my pc was running fine, then I decided that I need to reinstall a fresh copy of win7 since I hated win10, ofc my kb doesn't get detected by the bios unless I reset the CMOS(removing the battery for a minute), but then things started getting worse... My pc got into an on-off loop which I was able to fix by disconnecting everything and wiping things clean off dust and reconnecting everything as well as reinstalling the rams, pc booted up after wasting an hour and a half figuring this one out, then the USB didn't boot, got it booted but I noticed sometimes the bios only sees the USB and doesn't see the HDD, right now everything works except that the HDD doesn't boot up and the bios doesn't recognize it. I can confirm that the HDD is working hence I kept listening to the spinning sound which means the cables work too, I can't believe this all started from a simple CMOS reset...

Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
2x4gb ram Kingston
Core i5 3330
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  1. So the hdd doesn't show in the bios? Tried a different sata cable?
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