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hey guys i,m looking to buy a cooler master cm 590 III with 2 intake fans and i,m looking to buy a cryorig xf140mm fan circular shape with 120mm fan mounting holes so my question is that:
1)with atleast 75 cfm of two intake fans and 70 cfm of 140mm exhaust fan will this presuure will be good for my case?
2)i live in asia ; a very polluted area sp will this more intake pressure will be good than exhaust?
please help guys......
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  1. forget the cxm stuff, get 3 good 120mm fans
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  2. 1.. generally you want more intake pressure than exhaust. with positive pressure air will naturally leak out of of the case. with negative pressure air will get sucked in through the small holes and cracks in the case. negative pressure generally results in much more of a dust problem

    2.. with positive pressure and some fan filters that you clean regularly you should be fine.
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  3. yeah there is mesh on the front and megnatic dust filter at the top but should use exhaust fan at the rear or at the top which one will be better? btw thanks for reply..
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  4. the cm site says it has dust filters on the front too.. perhaps under the mesh? you will want something on the intakes. the filter on the top will help keep any dust that lays on it from settling inside.

    intakes are generally front, front bottom and sometimes side bottom. exhausts are generally top, back and sometimes side top. why? heat rises so this is the most efficient.
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  5. ok...if i use :
    1)thermaltake versa n24 which has only one front fan
    2)corsair carbide 100r silent edition with both intake and exhaust fans 120mm,s
    3)corsair carbide spec-01 (1xfront intake)
    then which one from all of these will be better
    if a case has only one fan i,ll buy a cryorig xf140mm 23db and 76 cfm
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    generally i would suggest a case with 2 intakes and 1 exhaust fan. plenty of air coming in while the exhaust fan and psu blow out just a bit less than the front fans bring in. fan sizes should be no smaller than 120mm

    i would suggest avoiding any cases with nonstandard fans or emphasizing looks over performance. the versa n24 with those fake pipes and strange intake are exactly the kind of cases i avoid.
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  7. yeah i also agree with you so i,m thinking between cm 590 III (60$) and carbide 100r S.E(50$) as carbide 100r is simple so which one you think will be better from these two because i like these two on top of others (simple and good build and fans quality)
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  8. either one would probably work. its been far too long since i last compared cases in person so i cant say how they compare as far as quality is concerned.
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