Blue Screen Of Death(completely random)

Hey guys, i have a big problem since a lot of time. The problem is that i have totally random bsods. Sometimes my computer crashes 3-4 hours into launching it, sometimes it crashes 10 minutes after i start it, and sometimes it doesn't even crash for a whole night. I've installed bluescreenview and the bsods have different error messages and crash locations. I've noticed that it doesn't matter if i am playing games or i am just browsing the internet, it still crashes on random.
I have ran memtest and there where no problems. I have used only one of my ram cards and then changed them. Still crashes with both.
I have ran the western digital hard disk bad sector checker and the quick checker says everything is fine, but running the extended checker my computer crashes(on random, not when i start it) and that totally ruins the check. I will post pictures here with my computer specs and the bluescreenview errors
I have even reinstalled windows. - bluescreens - specs
I would be so happy if somebody could help me with this.
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  1. Give me your minidump so I can see it directly.
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  2. What's the brand and model of the power supply unit?
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  3. Thanks for the fast replys :). Here is the mini dump folder. Can you tell me where i can find the power supply model, because i can find it.
    Edit: Here is the power supply:
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    You have an FSP HEXA HE-500 power supply unit. It's only a mediocre unit that has a 2 year warranty (shorter than industry average).

    Make sure that the device drivers you install are 64-bit drivers and not 32-bit drivers.

    Make sure all of your Visual C++ Redistributable Packages and DirectX runtimes are updated to their latest versions.
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  5. Use mediafire to share that minidump I can't get it to download based on the link you gave me.
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