Fingerprint scanner stopped working 3-4 months after buying the laptop, brand new.

We bought this Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4 around November of last year, and after 3-4 months or so, the fingerprint scanner stopped working. I live in the Philippines, and we bought this laptop in the US so I'm not sure if I can bring this to any PC Repair shop. Anyway back to my point, the fingerprint scanner wouldn't work and my laptop is supported by Windows 10, after searching through my sign-in options, it says that Windows Hello doesn't support this device, which I find confusing because I was able to use it for 3-4 months and change it sometimes when I'd get bored. Someone please help me fix this please, the Fingerprint Sensor is such a great help for me since I have a high tendency to forget passwords. Thank you all in advance!
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    Looks like this is a common issue with these devices, acknowledged by Lenovo. Here is a troubleshooting guide I found relating to this issue.
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