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I recently made a new computer, but i am having some issues with it, i build the entire computer myself, and now i'm really stuck on what to do, so if you can help me with any of the following question, that would be great.
Full pc specs:
Intel 6600k
Msi gaming x Geforce Gtx 1080 ti
Antec vp700p(I now it's a poor quality psu, but i got it for 30$)
Cpu cooler
Noctua nh-d15
16gb 3000mhz ddr4
Phanteks enthoo evolv atx tg(this is the most confusing name for a case)
Msi z170 a pro
1. The cpu is bottlenecking the gpu.
I have a 1080p 144hz monitor, so i want to run games on 144fps, but i ran into a problem with the cpu bottlenecking the gpu, i only get 80-90 fps in games like Player unknowns battle ground and gta v, i downloaded msi afterburner to monitor my computer, and i realized that my gpu was working at around 40-50% and my cpu was working at 100%. I really want to upgrade my cpu to something that can match the 1080 ti in performance, but since i have the Fm2 socket, it's difficult to find a match for the 1080 ti, the only cpu i can find is the 7700k, but i don't know if it's good enough... would it be good enough for my gpu?
2. I am considering overclocking the cpu instead of buying a new one, i have it overclocked to 4,5 ghz, and the temps are around 45-55c but i don't feel like overclocking it more with that psu. Do you think i can overclock it to more?
3. I think this issue might be caused by my power supply, but i'm not sure. The gpu makes a weird sound, it's a constant buzzing sound, i think it's the psu noice filter failing, it doesn't sound as high pitch as coil whine. Any other suggestion to what it could be?
Sorry for the bad grammar, hope you can answer some of my question.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    You say you have a FM2 socket with an Intel CPU. That does not compute.

    The i7-7700k is certainly capable of powering your GPU. You should OC what you have first to see how it performs then.
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  2. you spend all that money on a 1080ti buy a good PSU I think
    PSU Tier list tier 1-2 are good for gaming

    I would recommend an EVGA SuperNova Gold G2 / or new G3 /GS / GQ, Platinum P2 / PS, or Titanium T2 or a Seasonic M12-II Evo or S12-II

    GOOD PSU EVGA is a B2, G2, G3, P2, GS, PS, or T2. Avoid the EVGA B1 and G1 series I bought a G3 with 7year garentee for £100 from scan
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  3. 1) you are completely insane for building a nice Computer with a garbage power supply. That'd be like building a race car, then dump half water half oil in the engine because it's cheaper than just good oil. I would remove that piece of junk now and get a better one.

    2) at most I'd venture to guess you'd get 4.8-4.9 out of your CPU. This will help a bit, but not a ton.

    3) no CPU is even close to capable of 144hz in every game. There is no cpu(on average) that can beat a 7700k.

    4)if you run that massive GPU at 1080p a super Computer would have a CPU bottlneck. Crank every setting to the max and enjoy every detail, or get s monitor that makes sense, at least 1440p which a 1080 still would have worked.
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