Issue with water cooler AIO and new case

Hey guys,

I just changed cases last night from a corsair tower to a phanteks p400s mid tower. Since I have moved I have had a big jump in cpu temps. Im using the newer style (circle not square) h60, non of my hardware has changed other than losing some fans. I was using a fan controller and now im not.

My cpu idle temps have gone from about 30 degrees up to mid 40's and getting hotter longer the pc is on.
I have tried to reseat the cooler (when I removed it the paste coverage looked quite good) and I rotated it 90 degrees just to see if something was not connecting right and the results are exactly the same.

The cpu pump is plugged into the cpu fan as it was in my old tower, and I also tried to change the power settings but the pump reports as being 1500rpm no matter what temp the cpu is at.

So Im not sure whether moving case I have done something to the cooler or simply this is the new case being smaller and me having less fans in (went from 8 fans to 4). As it does have a cover over the front with vents at the top and bottom, maybe it's not able to pull in enough air? Radiator is at the front with 2 fans pulling through it, another fan underneath pulling in and then 1 fan at the back pushing out.

GPU/Motherboard temps seem relatively stable at about 45 for gpu and 28 for mobo.

Anyone have anything else I can try with the h60 to either boost rpm or make sure its working properly?
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    For a 120mm AIO 40 ish degrees isnt bad. I would say you probably are just not getting the same airflow in the new case. I would double check you have the pump plugged into the correct fan header all the same as it shouldn't be locked at a specific RPM. You may have put it in a system fan header not a pump header
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