which pc build would be better i7 5820k or ryzen 7 1700 and would they be able to run triple a games at a good resolution

intel build
amd build
I am new to building pcs and I was wondering which build I should go for, I want the pc for gaming, streaming and video editing, I was wondering also what type of resolution and fps I could get with this build, I was also thinking about trying to over clock eventually and install another gpu when the times come and what changes would you make also what monitor would best suit this build and how future proof would it be any help much appreciated
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    Well they will pretty much perform the same, but I would go with the Ryzen 7 as it has a better upgrade path right now. The i7 isn't dead, far from it, but at least if the Ryzen 9 comes up, you can upgrade to that. Overclocking is trial and error and you should do some research on it. You are probably looking at 60 FPS at 1440p. Running another 1070 in SLI is easy, but you will need a high-speed SLI bridge (what brings the GPUs together). A good 1440p 144hz monitor should be decent, but that depends on your budget. This build is pretty much future proof for the time being. Of course you can get the 1800x, but I think that's a bit overkill for what you want.
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  2. Hi, These are both very nicely thought out builds, But I have changed a few things. I would recommend you get the ryzen build, Better value, better GPU, and a faster SSD.
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