Overclocking Intel r (d) cpu

I was wondering if I could oc my Intel Pentium R D 3.00 gHZ 2.99 gHZ with a ASUS 1GB NIVIDA GeForce 8400GS. IF so what settings do I need I am trying to use Msi Afterburner. I am playing Ghost in the Shell on steam and sometimes I get lag while shooting. Can it be done.
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  1. 1. msi afterburner only permits to overclock your video card
    2. as your CPU/motherboard, I found a related video that will start to explain how to do things
    3. Lag can be internet connection, as well as requirements; (shown below)

    Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Recommended Requirements:
    CPU:Intel Core I3+ or AMD equivalent recommended for HD 1080p playback
    RAM: 2 GB
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  2. Ok that what I meant sorry can I overclock the Gpu 8400GS? and how
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    here is a quick search on google on the subject I think the first two would probably answer your questions
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