Nvme Drive not detected x370 taichi

I just finished installing "AMD all in 1 driver ver:16.50.2601" from the motherboard's download page and restarted the pc. Upon rebooting, the pc went straight to the uefi and the boot nvme drive I had installed windows on is no longer detected. It isn't detected in the windows 10 setup either. So now I'm not sure what to do to get the ball rolling again. Any thoughts?

x370 taichi bios 1.6 (i think)
bpx nvme drive
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  1. Is it detected or listed in BIOS ? If not, your NVMe disk might be dead. I had such a Toshiba XG3 die on me, it was working, then was simply gone.

    The only way to check the problem source is to find another working NVMe ( or m.2 SATA SSD if thats not possible) and insert into m.2 slot. İf it is detected, then the slot is working and disk is dead. If not detected, then m.2 slot may become faulty.

    Where to find another NVMe drive ? That's what friends are for. You call one, ask him to bring his drive to your house, try out and spend sometime catching up.

    But... first things first ... Before swapping components, Clear CMOS, set options in BIOS to Recommended Settings, save and reboot into BIOS and see if it is detected. If detected, great. If not, start calling your friends.
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    I just finished a new Taichi build this past weekend with a 960 Evo and 1600x. I did a Windows7/64 install, btw.

    Use the BIOS update feature and get up to the latest version. You need to do this regardless of the M.2 issue. If you can't get this down through your network/internet connection, download the BIOS file on another PC, if possible, and put it on a USB drive. The Taichi will find it on the USB and do the update (what I had to do).

    The ASRock all-in-one does not necessarily have the NVMe drivers. I would suggest you download them from your drive manufacture's website. I had to get mine from Samsung...although my Taichi recognized my M2. as being installed on the first boot up. If necessary, put these drivers on a USB and install from there if you can't get a network connection.

    You should have done the BIOS update before installing Windows. Try these other steps and see if they help.
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  3. Just an update:

    So I was able to get the nvme to reappear by simply unplugging the system for a while. But the drive will still disappear at random after shutting down or restarting. The PC crashes randomly to, forcing me to do a hard reset. I'm doing some health checks starting with the memory. Once I get everything sorted out I'll update the bios and reinstall Windows again.
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  4. Wondering if you've had anymore luck?
    I was having a similar problem with my ASrock AB350m Pro4 where if I enabled fast boot, it would loop me back into bios and make my 960 EVO NVMe disappear. I found this thread while searching for what this All-in-one driver included. I have just completely re-installed windows and have yet to re-install this driver, but the thing is, after the clean install, I have been able to use the fast boot option and boot in about 7 seconds compared to 20 and the computer is running much better. Just wondering if it's bad to not install the driver :)
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  5. robliveson said:
    Wondering if you've had anymore luck?

    I can't remember exactly what I did because it's been a while but I believe it was the MB drivers. I downloaded what i needed from another pc onto a flash drive and updated the drivers from within the UEFI.

    Honestly I did many things at once so it's hard to say what exactly the fix was.
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