Intel i7 3930k time to upgrade?

Hello! how are you guys doing?

I am currently rocking a 1080ti, 4x4gb 1600mhz vengeance RAM, a samsung SSD of 512gb, and a 3930k overclocked to 4.5ghz at 1.37v, which runs at 50 degrees celsius usually with an cosrair h100 watercooler... I have a 144hz 1440p monitor, and i have been having lots of trouble getting a smooth experience in most games.

I was wondering, is it time to upgrade my 4 year old 3930k? Or should i start with the ram?

Is there anything that could be hurting my performance?

I have tested for bottleneck, and some open world games (PUBG, GTA IV) do push a lot from my processor. I would think that getting a new processor wouldnt be of much help, because they would still run at around 4.5ghz....

What could be causing my lack of smoothness, stutter, low fps?

What should i start planning on upgrade?

Thank you!
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  1. In my opinion, it might be worth it to just bite the bullet and upgrade the CPU. 16 gigs of RAM is more than enough. No need to upgrade there. That CPU, however, is pretty old. It should still be performing pretty decent, but with a 1080ti you will see some bottleneck. To run a 1080ti properly, I'd still recommend an i7, but definitely one of the new ones. It doesn't need to be the 7700k, but a 6700k would do just fine. With that comes a mob upgrade, which means a Ram upgrade, which is also needed in your situation. That combined should get you an awesome rig, enjoy!
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    You are going to have to spend a bunch to see a difference between your new CPU and an 3930k overclocked to 4.5ghz for most any workload I can think of.

    Compare the 3930 at stock clocks to i7-6700K and user benchmark says only a 20% difference. You've lifted the 3930K stock clocks from 3.2 to 4.5, I suspect that more than closes the 20% gap....

    Which workloads were showing signs of stutter & lack of smoothness ? I did see you were at 1440p so maxing out cpu on some games seems very possible. Single threaded games would also not fare as well with the 3930K.
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  3. With Intel's small incremental improvements per generation there is no need to upgrade the CPU. You make up the difference with your OC and some.
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