Intel Core i7-7700k with EVGA CLC 280 Cooling Performance

I have recently purchased an Intel Core i7-7700k and an EVGA CLC 280 liquid cooling system, and I am running the CPU in a MSI B150 M3 GAMING mother board. When idle my CPU package temp stays around 33-38 c pretty much all of the time. However, when I start gaming my CPU temp will go between 40-50 c pretty consistently but every so often I see it spike into the 60s.

My first question is this normal? A friend of mine is running an Core i5-6600k overclocked to 4.2 GHz and his temp runs in the low 40s under load. I know the Core i7 chip runs hot, but is the spikes I see normal and should it be staying in the 40s - 50s under load? My chip is NOT overclocked.

My second question is does the mother board matter much with cooling? I read that some cheaper mother boards aren't able to handle the high volts that the i7 will pull and can burn up, so am just wondering if I should upgrade my board to a higher-end version.

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  1. You mobo is not meant for oc, but it Will handle the i7 at stock Just fine. If You want to oc You should change it for a z270 chip.

    You temps are good, actually better than a lot o People.
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    The i7-7700k actually uses LOWER voltage than Skylake and that including i5-6600k. The problem with your i7 is the CPU temp itself, not voltage, i7-7700k requires lower voltage to reach higher clock than i7-6700k but somehow produce LOTS more heat.
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