A new 3.5 3tb hdd become unallocated after being moved from PC (as an internal drive) to laptop (via sata to usb)

I have just bought a toshiba 3.5 3TB hdd for my PC data backup. I plugged it to motherboard, turned on my pc and go to disk management. I was told to choose between mbr and gpt to initialize it. So I chose gpt
and formatted it. I used it normally for backup my stuff in pc.

Then I turned off my pc, unplug the hdd and connected it to my laptop via sata to usb3.0.
But it is not detected and i was told to choose between mbr and gpt at the disk mangement menu. I chose gpt and then...... the hdd shown unallocated!!

It's so scaring i turned it off and plugged it back to my pc to see what happen. Again it was not detected and i was told to choose between mbr and gpt. Even i didn't choose, it was shown as unallocated anyway. So i choose gpt.....
And now the hdd becomes unallocated. So plz help

How can i read my data back?
i think the problem is the gpt table got messed up, nothing to do with physical fault. crystaldisk show everything is normal. So is there a way to reconstruct / repair the gpt table?

Updated: I am now running a data recovery program Easus Data Recovery on it.
it is a good program i used it to get back the data successfully on my old 2.5 hdd which got its partition table messed up too.
So long it has been running for 24hrs and its still running. Deep scan the entire disk is completed, still re-constructing the directory but it has been so long and i dont know how much more time is needed.........

I heard that in ubuntu system it maybe readable. is it right? If only it can be read directly, i can simply move the data to another hdd. It saves me a lot of work
anyway i cant do this since the program is still running......

Any advice or help would be appreciated ! Thx!
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    problem solved !!
    this link help me a lot.
    the software can scan the historical partition tables in your disk.
    then you can choose to restore the right partition (of course you need to press P to check whether the files inside are what you want or not.)
    furthermore you can choose to copy a file, for example a movie, from those historical partitions to see if it can play.
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