Motherboard Boots with strange symbols, and windows shuts off randomly after a while.


I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue with my workstation.

When I boot my computer, it starts off with the images you see below.

And then windows boots up fine. I start doing my video editing and it would more often than not just completely shut off after some time. Then it starts back up again and eventually bring me back to the login menu.

The gibberish has been happening for about a month now. But it's been only since this weekend that it has been consistently shutting down. Obviously it is a hardware issue. Is my motherboard dying? I haven't made any hardware changes since like December or January and it has been fine tbh until about a month ago.

Any ideas? I can't even tell if the bios is being loaded or not because it's all gibberish. at the beginning. The rest of the startup is fine though.

I have a Rampage IV Extreme with an i7 4930K and a 150W power supply, Windows 7.
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  1. Have you recently installed Windows 7 on your workstation?
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  2. Muzzammil22 said:
    Have you recently installed Windows 7 on your workstation?

    Nope, I've had windows 7 on this computer since 2013 or 2014 I believe. Have never installed since. This is the first issue I've ever had with the computer outside of software.
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