Looking for a case to mount 240mm radiator in the front

I have a Seidon 240mm water cooler. Right now I have it at the top of my case, but I am looking for a case where I can put it in front...preferably in a push/pull configuration. I have an XFX Black edition RX 480 video card that really heats up the inside of the case when gaming which doesn't help with the radiator being at the top of the case. I also need to have a slot for at least one optical drive. HDD/SDD's I can be flexible on.

Any recommendations?
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  1. I have a Phanteks Ethoo Luxe tempered glass and it is one of the best cases that I have ever owned. The non tempered glass version is $150 and can do a push/pull 240mm radiator in the front.

    The Phanteks Ethoo Pro is another good case, it is a step down from the Luxe, but the dimensions are the same. It will come with a 200mm fan in the front, but it can be changed out to 2 120mm fans for the radiator. It is $90 and is a very good case.
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    I recommend the Fractal Design R5. If you need more airflow, it opens up as much as you want it to. It supports a 280mm front radiator w/o the hard drive cages, but you can keep the 5.25" bays installed.

    That said, you shouldn't need to use a front radiator with that case. Just install fans as needed to achieve your desired level of cooling.
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