PC keeps freezing in games but can move mouse and use teamspeak but can't close application and have to restart

This started happening a couple days ago. I thought it was GTA at first because my PC would crash loading it up so I uninstalled it, haven't reinstalled it yet but the problem persists. I've been playing Player Unknown and sometimes my game will freeze but I can move my mouse over to my other monitor but can't really do anything/Task Manager statistics are also frozen but I can switch between it's tabs.

About 30 mins ago I was playing Player Unknown again and my monitors shut off but I could hear teamspeak fine. It was fine when I restarted.

Has anybody got any clues on what's going on with my PC now ?.

Specs are i7 2600k, 970GTX, Asus Maximus IV, 16GB Hyper Fury, Samsung 840 120, Samsung 850 250, Western Digital 250 and 640

Edit: Ran Prime 95 and intel CPU Diagnostic, Prime passed with good temperatures and intel diagnostic passed too
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    I figured out the cause to my problems was the Windows 10 Creators update. I ended up having to reformat and go to build 1511 for the time being. Since I went back I've had 0 freezes. I had ran memtest85, Prime95, chkdsk and everything else I could think of thinking it was failing hardware but turns out it was software. Was very frustrating to figure out but I'm glad my PC is working fine again
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