Asus motherboard won't let me into BIOS After setting an overclock that doesn't work

Ok, so I have a Asus B150M-C motherboard and I put in some overclocking stuff that I realise now could not work, so it brings me up to the American Megatrends page where it says "Chassis intrude! Please check your system. Overclocking failed! Please enter setup to reconfigure your system. Fatel error... System Halted." Does anyone know how to fix this because it won't let me enter BIOS so I can fix it. It will also only come to this every other time I boot it and the other half it won't be loaded at all
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  1. Clear the bios using the jumper on the board, I thought only the Z series boards allowed for Overclocking, I thought the H and B series you couldn't overclock on?
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  2. No, what happend is my board is a low end board so I couldn't get into bios thru there, but I took out the Lithium Ion battery for about 3-4 mins and it reset bios but kept boot on window and all files because those arent stored in motherboard

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