Mx300 vs wd blue ssd?

I want to purchase a new ssd drive. The WD blue 500GB and MX 300 525GB are both on sale an the exact same price. Which SSD is better in terms of reliability and speed?

I also have a 2tb sshd which I will be using as storage for my games and media.
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    Of those two, I would go with the WD Blue SSD for the dashboard software and free downloadable Acronis True Image WD version software.

    They perform pretty much on par with one another, although the Blue is faster by a fair margin in 4K random access.

    Both have a three year warranty, but I would expect that either will outlive your desire to use it for other than a scratch drive someday. I'm still using my ancient original Intel X25M 80GB (which was almost $500 at the time) as an Adobe scratch drive.

    IMO either is a good choice otherwise.
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