70% RAM Usage, Time to Upgrade?

Hello, I just want to know if i will gain performance benefit if i will now upgrade my RAM. Currently, i do have a single stick 8GB HyperXFurry running paired with my Intel Corei5 3470 and an 120GB SSD.

This is under normal load, Two Visual Studio 2015 open, Resharper running in the background. 1 Sql Server Management Studio, 5 chrome tabs open. Sometimes, i open up a Virtual machine which will add up to the load so i may hit atleast 80% of usage.

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    If you were to buy another 8GB stick and put it in the associated dual-channel slot, that would give you quite a memory speed boost.

    If you do buy another stick, try to buy one identical to the one you have now, i.e. another 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury. If you can't find another one, just make sure the capacity, timings, and voltage are identical on the second stick you buy.
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