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I'm building a new rig, my cpu of choice is the new ryzen 5 1500x is it ideal to pair a Nvidia card with it (1060) or should I go for a AMD card (rx 580) , if I pair a Nvidia card will I get performance drop? Ty (I'm getting a Asus vg248qe 144hz monitor, I don't know If u needed that info but I put it there regardless)
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  1. I mean honestly, both cards will perform the same. Some say the AMD cards will be more future proof, but that's hard to tell when we don't know how developers will design games. At this point, I would go with what's cheaper and has the best warranty. As far as quality, EVGA has shown me that they are on top of their game. ASUS is also a good brand for both companies as well. At the end of the day, you will probably se ea 2-3 FPS difference when compared, so not much lost there. The RX 580 is newer, but should be considered a RX 485.

    What PSU do you plan on getting?
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    You won't get a performance drop from the GPU being an nvidia GPU, but judging by this extensive benchmark test:
    the 480, 1060 6gb, and the 580 are all almost identical in performance on average. Due to this, I would recommend the 580 8gb vs the 1060 6gb because: 1. even though it probably won't matter, the extra 2gb COULD be useful in the future, 2. the 580 is generally slightly cheaper, and the 480 is sometimes significantly cheaper, 3. the 580/480 has support for FreeSync, so you have the ability to take advantage of a monitor supports it, which I would HEAVILY recommend, see this monitor (which is actually cheaper):
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