Water cooling my next GPU(1080ti), chip wise, what's the best card.

I'm water cooling my whole computer and am upgrading my gpu as well. I'm set on the new 1080ti, but am torn between just getting the FE version, or go with say MSI or ASUS for the card.
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  1. The FE cards will have the best selection of water blocks. If you are concerned about overclocking ability if is limited more by the silicon lottery and going with a custom PCB doesn't guarantee a higher overclock.
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    technically, the FE card is already over engineered except the cooler. So overclocking potential is the same. As a side note, if you want to keep your warranty, get EVGA - the only company that officially does not mind removing cooler (warranty not voided). Full cover blocks are first made for FE cards (or those based on the same PCB).
    Just go with one if you want your life easier.
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