are the temperatures on my i7 7700k safe

Hi recently built my first high end PC its got gtx 1080ti, i7 7700k with scythe mugen 5 cooler, msi z270 gaming pro carbon, 16gb corsair ddr4 3200 and nzxt s340 elite case, ive over clocked my cpu to 5.0ghz at 1.32v and while running games it floats between 70-80C just wondering is that to hot should i dial it back abit or will it be ok? Thanks
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  1. That's very normal. Max temp before throttling (what Intel considers the upper safe limit at stock speeds) is 100c, and while I wouldn't advise running at 100c for extended periods, you're still well back from that.
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    Very normal.
    And, FWIW, you scored a very good chip to run at 5.0 with 1.32vcore.

    If you implement speedstep and adaptive voltage, the multiplier and vcore will reduce when the cpu is not under load.
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