Do bios updates really make Ryzen faster?

Hi, I've been really hearing that updating the bios to the latest version can increase AMD Ryzen's performance. Is this true? I've got the Ryzen 7 1700 and the MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and a bios update came out really recently. I've never updated a bios but I've done some research and know what to do. I heard it's a risky thing so I'd prefer to not to, but if it does greatly increase Ryzen performance then I might. Is it true then? Does getting the latest bios actually make the Ryzen run faster? Thanks.
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  1. I doubt it will improve your performance as in fps in games just from updating the bios, you may see a slight boost if you are still on one of the first ryzen bios's. It will mainly help stability and memory support also possibly better overcloking potential of the memory and cpu.
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  2. Bios update fix issues, better compatible with ram.
    The new chipset driver offer some improvement.
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    Some of the AGESA updates fix RAM overclocking issues and RAM latency issues. So you can use up to 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM. Ryzen has shown some benefits with using faster RAM. So if you had drop the clock rate of your RAM. This will allow you to boost it to its factory speed and get some performance benefit. AMD keeps releasing new microcode updates (which the vendors have to patch their BIOS with). Fixes include stability issues running FMA3 code, POST times, four RAM chip support and overclocking sleep bug.

    So depending on your hardware. A BIOS update can have some small impact on gaming performance. More importantly it can improve system stability and reliability.

    There are some specific updates from AMD which help optimize Ryzen performance in games. As far as I'm aware these are just software updates for Windows to optimize it for Ryzen. Their Ryzen Master software also now reports the correct temperatures.
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