Black screen appears when installing new graphics card

im having a problem after installing new Graphics card RX 460 2gb,I booted my pc up to get started only to find no feedback. Just a black screen,i already try all ports is on the graphics card still theres no feedback. I connected my VGA cable into the integrated graphics and still received no feedback so I decided to remove the card. Upon removal, I was able to receive a signal from my integrated graphics.

My pc specs:
MOBO:Intel® Desktop Board DH61WW
PSU:Cooler Master G550M
Processor: i3-2100 3.1GHz Dual-Core
New gpu:sapphire RX 460 2gb

sorry for my bad english

Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Clean the PCIe contact pin on the card and blow the PCIe slot on the motherboard with compressed air, see if it helps.
    And try to reset BIOS after installing the card using jumper or pulling the nickel sized battery and reinsert it.

    Some newer cards needs UEFI BIOS to boot, check your board specification.
    Also don't forget to plug in all necessary cables like PCIe 6pin power connector.
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