Need advise on overclocking and water cooling systems

So I am kinda new in overclocking and I kinda want to overclock my processor i5 7600k but first I am looking for a liquid CPU cooler that is solid.
MSI h110 motherboard
i5 7600k
corsair 8GB ram
geforce gtx 1050 ti
EVGA 600 watt
micro atx cuboid g

and I am looking for a good guide for overclocking my cpu also is my motherboard good enough
for over clocking or do I need to get a new one thank you!
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    You can't OC on your board. You'd need a Z270 rated board, H rated are locked bios.

    For cpu cooler, Nzxt Kraken x61 or x62, Swiftec H220-X. Stay away from the Corsair aios unless noise is not an issue, then the H-100i v2 or H105 or better.
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  2. A 7600k with a $150 water cooler makes zero sense you can hit 5.0 GHz on a good air cooler. And with that $150 water-cooling setup you could have had a 7700k and a cheap air cooler.
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  3. To hit 5.0GHz on air you are looking at the largest air coolers, if you don't want average loads staying around 70°, and those big towers cost close to $80. The Deepcool Captains are the same price. The nzxt x61 is $10 more. Corsair h100i v2 is $10 more.
    It's a personal choice, not everyone wants air, having that jumbo tower sitting a few mm from the case window (if it even fits) some (like me) much prefer the cleaner looks of liquid. Not everyone HAS to shop on the cheapest budget possible, and having a pc that's aesthetically pleasing to the owner is of far more importance than having a cheap, ugly p.o.s. that performs the same.

    I'd not spend $30k on a champagne (think grandma color light brown metallic) mustang GT, when for $31k I can get an identical one in red. Or white. Or black.
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