r5 1600 OR I7 4790K? Cant decide

Either I can buy a new pc with ryzen 1600 or buy my friends 1.5 years old i7 4760k pc for £450 (no gpu or hdd but has 2ssds). another person is selling a 970 and my pc will be around £600 good deal? these are specs:
Intel i7 4790k
Zalman z11 case
MSI Z97 PC mate motherboard
Crucial Ballistix BLS2C4G3D169DS3CEU Sport XT 8GB (4GBx 2)
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive
HyperX FURY 120GB SSD SATA 3 2.5-inch (7mm Height) with Adapter
Corsair CX600 power supply
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    I would go with Ryzen.
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  2. What do you intend to do (I assume just gaming)
    Whats the total cost of the 4790 + GPU build?
    Ryzen would probably be a better platform especially considering future expansion
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  3. They would probably perform very similarly. Whichever is cheaper go for it.
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  4. i would go with Ryzen its newer, faster memory better oc and m.2 stuff really, go for the Ryzen!!!!
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  5. I agree with Snipergod87. You can't possibly suggest either cpu without knowing how you intend to use the computer.
    If you are single tasking a game and you won't use the cpu for media creation where the use of many cores wouild be beneficial, go with the 4790's better single core performance (especially if overclocked).
    If you multitask and use media creation software, ryzen's multicore performance would be my choice as you'll get better price to performance.
    You'll have to decide what will suite you better, single core or multicore performance.
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