Is a 512Gb m.2 SSD worth it? or get a better GPU? (1070)


I saw a 512GB M.2 NVME SSD Lite-On CX2 NVME ssd for 140$ in my country (SSDS are expensive here), and im wondering if it's worth it to upgrade from a 220GB SSD to a 512, and use the 220 one for games and such. I currently own a 1Tb SSD for storage and the 220 as the main boot drive with the one game i play most on. Would it be better to upgrade my gpu (GTX 770) to a 1070 by saving up a bit instead of buying this SSD?

My Specs:
i5 4690k (no oc, stock cooler)
Msi z97 Gaming 5
Adata 220GB SSD
Gtx 770
2x random 4GB memory, and 2X 4GB PNY 1866MHZ DDR3 memory
ASUS 144HZ 1080P monitor
Evga 850W G2
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    SSDs do not improve gameplay, just loading (a few seconds for games). But going from a SSD to M.2 will not see any true improvement. Save that money and use it to get yourself a 1070, and then you will see improvements. But are you using 2 different brands of RAM?
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  2. It's a personal decision. Is storage a big problem for you? Buying the M.2 will give you some room but I feel a GPU is a better upgrade. Do some cleaning up of old games, files, etc.
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  3. Since you already have OS on SSD, new GPU is better option here.
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  4. Going from a GTX 770 to 1070 should be a large increase gaming wise even at 1080p since you have a 144hz monitor.
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  5. I have to agree with the others who are posting. Clean up any clutter on the existing SSD. Even then, you're just affecting load times.

    The 1070 will have a significantly greater impact in your gaming experience, so I will suggest getting the 1070 instead of the SSD upgrade.
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