Overclocking Zotac GTX 1070 Mini Help.

I've seen few people are hitting 1950Mhz on GTX 1070 Mini by Zotac I dont understand how? Where as GTX 1070 Gaming X by MSI also hit 2100Mhz with Ryzen 1600 Stock Wraith Cooler in recent Paul's Hardware $1000 build test video.

Like I how do I overclock GTX 1070 Mini to 1950Mhz? I prefer MSI Afterburner should I use any other tool and if yes what are the configuration that i should use for that cause I also have 1600 and Stock Wraith Spire Cooler.

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    Just slowly push up the core clock speed, testing the stability with every change in the clock speeds. When it is unstable, slowly push up the power limits and temp limits (if needed) till your card has reached its max stable overclock. Many people can get at least 1900Mhz with a fully overclocked card
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