ASUS Monitor stopped working on one computer with windows 10, Same monitor works fine on all other windows 10 PC's

ASUS VG248QE Black 24" Gaming Monitor, 144 Hz 1ms (GTG)

MSI Geforce 1080Ti Gaming X

The problem started when I switched from a DVI connection to Display Port.

Everything worked fine after the switch for about a week. Yesterday I walk away from my computer and come back 30 minutes later and my monitors had turned off as as I had set in the power settings. Pressed a key to wake my monitors (I have 3 monitors total) but my center monitor would not wake.

I tried detecting the display in the display settings. It will not detect the 3rd monitor.

Updated video drivers, no change.

Tried detecting new hardware in device manager, detects nothing.

Tried the different ports on my card. HDMI, DVI, and Display Port, it will not detect this one monitor.

Connected the ASUS monitor to my wife's computer which also runs windows 10. Works like a charm with DVI and HDMI connections. Her computer has a 780ti EVGA card.

I am at a lost as what to do next. This monitor just will not work with my computer but works fine on my wife's computer on all connections.

No other monitors are having issues on my computer on any ports, just this one monitor.

Any suggestions are most welcome!
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    Ok, for some reason it just started working again.

    All I did was disconnect all but one monitor, then I plugged the HDMI cable from one of my monitors that did work to the one that was not working.

    It detected the signal.

    I unplugged the HDMI cable and went back to the Display port and it detected the signal.

    I plugged in all 3 monitors again and everything is now working.

    So I basically just disconnected all but one monitor then shuffled the connections around and it suddenly works again... Not sure what happened but if any knows why this happened I am still open to suggestions! Thanks!
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