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Got p400s case, i7 6700k, 1070 and a corsair h100i v2 cooler. Im wondering what the optimal fan setup is for my pc. Should i do push or pull or both on the rad. And what are the best fans for push and pull on rad and exhaust/intake on the rest of the system
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  1. There are enough good fans out there that the best one depends on what you want to get out of it.

    Are you going for excessive cooling, a silent/quiet computer, or some degree of compromise between the two?

    Also, what is your total budget for the fans, both for the case and for the H100i?
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  2. Balace between performance and silent. Budget is 40 dollar per fan.
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  3. That puts you into ultra-premium territory. Some of those fans have serious compatibility issues. What motherboard do you have?
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  4. Asus z97 pro gamer
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    For a balanced build, you should optimize the setup to minimize the amount of work each fan has to do. This means using the H100i as a top exhaust, which gives up a few degrees, but will let the rest of the fans spin slower.

    The best 120mm fan out there right now is the Corsair ML120 Pro. Use two of those for the H100i, and one on the rear.

    Connect the two on the H100i to the H100i pump, as it has some safety features built in that require control of the fans.

    For the rear fan, you'll need to change a setting on the motherboard before connecting the ML120 to it. Specifically, you need to make sure that CHA_FAN1 is set to PWM control. You do not want it set to either AUTO or DC control. Both can damage the fan.

    For the front of the case, you're going to want dual 140mm fans. Currently, the best out there (for low noise AND high airflow) are:
    - the EK Vardar F2-140s at lower speeds (these are still great at higher speeds, and move more air at max than option 2), and
    - the NB-eLoop B14-3 at higher speeds (these don't spin as fast as the F2s, but are quieter above 600 RPM).
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