Newly built CPU turns on, but restarts once soon after, no beep, no post, nothing displays on monitor, and i have no idea why

Just built this computer for my dad, this is my second build, i believe ive put everything together correctly but i am still having the issues listed in the title, ive tried everything i know and ive gone through the no boot list already, any help would be greatly appreciated!

The specs:
Cpu: intel pentium g4560
Motherboard: asrock z170m-itx/ac
Stock cooler
Ram: teem dark 2 sticks of 8gb 3000 ddr4
Psu: corsair cx 430
Storage: seagate 2 tb sshg
Gpu: gigabyte geforce gtx 750ti
Case: rosewill srm-01

I have tried booting with one stick of ram, ive tried each ram slot, ive comfirmed that it was fully inserted, ive tried booting without the gpu, ive used my other powersupply that for sure works, ive reseated everything, tried booting without sshd, ive unplugged the reset switch, ive unplugged all unnecessary cords and ports from mobo, i dont know what to do anymore..
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    It most likely needs a bios update before it'll run with a Kaby Lake CPU.
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