asus z170m-plus and samsung 960 evo m.2

Hello i have the motherboard of the tittle Asus z170m-plus and i wanted to buy the samsung evo 960 m.2 but i started to read about NVME and that some motherboards are not compatible with it so you dont get max speeds.

I wanted to know if this two are compatible and if need to do something to use the ssd at his max performance or i just need to install it and thats all.

Thanks in advance.
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    The M.2 slot supports both PCIe (for the NVME mode) or SATA 6. After you're up and running, install the Samsung Magician software to verify that you've got an NVME driver being used. You can also download the SAMSUNG NVME driver, which would probably give you the best performance possible.
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