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I am getting really frustrated over Corsair Link. I am running an FX-9590 and I have set a custom fan curve because what is really bothering me is the noise. I noticed if my coolant temp goes over 40 Celsius the fans automatically go to 100%. This is making me really frustrated because my main factor if to keep the noise low and not having it sound like my pc is ready to take off. What could be some solutions to manage this stupid junky hardware? I was actually considering just disconnecting Corsair Link entirely.
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    You cannot keep noise levels low with that CPU and that cooler. It burns too much power.

    The coolant temperatures in that cooler should not exceed 45 degrees, as the pump is only rated to 50C. Running warmer coolant than 45C can wear out the pump, and will likely void the warranty.

    For that CPU, if you want something quiet, you need to use at least a 280mm cooler. That will still be pushing the limits of the coolant temperature, though.

    For a truly quiet cooler, you'd need a 360mm radiator or better. It's also worth mentioning that the flow rate of the loop comes into play at the power levels involved with cooling that CPU. Most AIO coolers will simply choke up if you put them on the FX-9590.

    UPDATE: In case it wasn't clear, the fans jumping to 100% at 40C coolant temperatures is a safety mechanism that's in place to prevent the pump from eating itself alive. Disabling that feature will put the cooler and, by association, the CPU at serious risk of failing.
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