Stock coolers i5 7500/7600k and Ryzen 5 1600

Just how good are the stock coolers on the popular mid-range gaming CPUs? Eg. top end i5 and mid-tier Ryzen 5?

I'm planning to build a reasonably quiet gaming system, eg. will be looking for a quiet GPU. Read that i5 stock coolers are very noisy - how is it looking for the stock coolers nowadays? for the specs / background
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  1. 7600k doesn't come with a cooler and other 2 have mediocre stock cooling and tend to be noisy.
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    The wraith spire that comes with the ryzens is very very quiet for a stock cooler
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  3. My older son must have a bad one , it sounds very loud. Going to tell him to return RMA it for another.
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  4. @SR-71 Blackbird - seen a fair few reports of rattly bearings below 900rpm.
    Get your son to set a 1000rpm minimum & see if it makes a difference.

    My experience - with a 1700@stock speed 1800rpm keeps it around 65c full load & is virtually inaudible.

    Overclocked & at it's max if 2700 rpm I would hardly call it silent BUT its probably as audible as basic 120mm case fans are at 1000rpm .
    Its not a whiney sound either unlike the old amd coolers or the stock Intel ones.
    Just a whooshing of air.

    I suppose it depends on your personal tolerance for noise though , its certainly the best (quietest) stock cooler I've ever seen apart from maybe the wraith max that came with the last batch of 8370's.
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  5. OK will do , thanks.
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