Raid Mirroring 1TB SSD and 3TB HDD storage?

Hello all, i am installing 1tb ssd as main and 2nd storage 3tb hdd, i want to later maybe add a mirror/raid drive. Please if you know, would i set up the 1tb drive for now in bios as raid 0? and then when i add a second ssd drive set that as raid 1? would my 3tb storage hdd remain as storage or will it default to raid 1 if i set my 1tb ssd to raid 0? thank you again.
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    RAID of an SSD and HDD is a bad idea. It will slow the entire thing to the HDD speed. I will also be more difficult to use the other 2TB of the 3TB disk. Just set them up as independent disks and use backup software. That is the best implementation. RAID, especially for your OS, is not a good idea for home users.
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  2. Thank you for your help that makes sense
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