Will my evga 1050 ti graphics card work with a gigabyte-H110M-S2H motherboard.

I am making a gaming pc and i was wondering if my graphics card will work with my motherboard. I have got a intel core skylake i5 6500 processor which apparently works with a gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H motherboard however i am not sure if my EVGA gtx 1050 ti gpu is compatable also how big does the case have tobe to fit all of this in it
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  1. Yes it will work, you can fit a regular 1050 ti in basically any case that's not prebuilt slimline case.
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  2. It will go into any x16 pci-e slot. As long as you have room in your case but I doubt that'd be a problem as it is a single fan gpu. Also be warned, it is double slotted so make sure mother covers that extra slot on the left
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    It sould work if it dosen't work its your power supply's fault and the 1050 Ti will work in most motherboards that are new or that so yea you can just be carfull that your case has more than 2 fans maybe 3 just to keep it cool because it could overheat it happen'd to me and if your case can fit the gtx 1050 ti in then yes go for it!
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