RAM upgrade for a MSI Z97 Gaming 5 using a i5 4670K

Hi guys,

Playing a game called "PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds" I believe that the current 8Gb of RAM I have is not giving my system its full potential. Knowing this I have decided to upgrade to 16Gb of RAM but I am confused on what to buy for the future due to voltages and what is compatitable. Looking at the list of what is compatitable it shows

Support four DDR3 1066/1333/1600/1866*/2000*/2133*/2200*/2400*/2600*/2666*/2800*/3000*/3100*/3200*/3300*(*OC) MHz DRAM, 32GB Max

- Dual channel memory architecture
- Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)
- Supports non-ECC, un-buffered memory

Now I am confused on what speed to buy as I can only afford about £100 pound ish. I have been looking at these 2:

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  1. Thinking about second hand RAM would you recommend?
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  2. If the cpu cooler doesn't give height restrictions could you look at this set,
    or even cheaper,but grey (maybe not a matching color in your opinion,
    the next are fine too,
    these are under budget. Over budget and looking at what you already chose are these nice too,

    You're sure ram usage limits you? Can look at it via the next how much is used,

    download hwinfo32,
    install and open it,
    check "sensors-only",
    click "run".
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  3. Thanks mate,

    Another question, as the motherboard is the Z97 Gaming 5 from MSI and the CPU is an i5 4670K, would you recommend updating the motherboard and CPU to maybe use DDR4 or are the components still good for another couple of years? I play heavy consuming games such as Arma series and PlayerUnknown which are very CPU and GPU demanding?
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    I would just keep it and first overclock the cpu,then when it really needs more cores get an i7. See where the hardwarerace is at then.
    I'm still using a 3770K in my build that i game a little on and for all games it's still enough,see no reason to upgrade just to have the latest.Although i want a Ryzen build,just to have it and know what it is about for myself.:D

    If you can afford it get the 2400mhz ram (last linked) to make sure it's stil the fastest you can have and it might alleviate some bottlenecking.Otherwise at least the 1866mhz with a cas 9 (the first linked).
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  5. answer to your earlier question as well, when having to use the lowest settings on the game such as render distance etc the load is constantly around 90% (7.3Gb used).

    This mean to upgrade to 16Gb as it was using paging by about 3-4%
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  6. Looked at some vids and some use 1gb less in the game,but don't know what settings.They might also use less programs in the background.

    If you want to upgrade the ram is that not a bad choice ,just upgrading the whole build is abit of a stretch since having nice parts.
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