Skygo on Samsung blue ray player bd 8900 smart DVD/blue ray player

How do I watch sky go on Samsung blue ray player ?

Samsung bd 8900 smart DVD player?

I am not able to download sky go app through Samsung App Store, so I have gone to the internet browser and gone direct to sky website and logged into skygo .. then when I click to watch sky sports it says download Microsoft silverlight.
But when I try this it does not allow me to? I am presuming Microsoft download is not compatible with Samsung??
I am watching on a standard LCD tv.

Please can any one help me to watch sky go on a Samsung bd 8900 blue ray player ?

Thank you !
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    You can't.
    BD player isn't a computer and it seems their site requires Silverlight to run.
    You can connect a computer to the TV.
    If there is a sky go app for Android then you need an Android media box.
    If there is a sky go addon for Kodi then anything that runs Kodi will work.
    If there is a sky go channel for Roku then get one.
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