New Gaming Rig (Help required)

Hi,currently really new into building Gaming Rigs and my friend referred these specs to me:
*GA-H270 Gaming 3
*16Gb DDR4
*antec 700w psu
*R9 380 4GB
*Corsair H115i cpu cooler
*k380 Cooler Master Mid tower
*240GB ssd
*1 Terabyte Hard drive

I'm mainly interested in whether this build has a significant bottleneck or not and any other performance issue such as cooling and if I can get a consistent 60fps in my performance with Games such as Dark souls 3 etc.
(Note: The OS will be Win 10)
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    Some less than ideal choices in that build, although it would help if we knew where you were buying from for the prices reference say with the GPU.

    CPU > Very strong for Gaming and other tasks, but a lot of the budget in this build, GPU should be more focused for Gaming.
    MOBO > Unless it has features you want/need, you could save cash by dropping to a nice B250 board.
    RAM > A good amount for modern Gaming, but what kit are we talking here?
    PSU > I assume this is the Antec VP-700? If so, not an ideal choice. Look into the SeaSonic S12-II Series or Corsair CXM Series for a budget.
    GPU > Good for 1080p Gaming, but how much is it? A new generation GPU could be the better choice unless you found a great deal on the 380.
    Storage > Fine choices.
    Case > Comes down to preference.
    Cooler > Way overkill for a locked build, a stock cooler would do fine but if you really want good temps a cheap air cooler like the Cyrorig H7 or Cooler Master EVO 212X would be more than plenty for this build, a Corsair H115i is quite high end and a waste of money for this CPU.

    Hope this helps :)
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  2. yep agreed. save some money on the cooler and motherboard then put the saving toward a better gpu
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