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Hey guys, King F here...
So, I'm doing a little project/experiment: I've got a Dell Dimension b110 system from 2006. It came preloaded with Windows XP, I just swapped out the HDD and have installed Windows 98 Second Edition (and yes, it is a LEGIT copy, License key and all...) The hardware is in it's original configuration, and everything is integrated into the motherboard. I am having some issues getting the drivers to install properly.
Chipset: ???
I honestly don't know if I have the right drivers, or if it's installing properly.
Graphics: Intel Extreme Graphics 2 / 82865G / Springdale G Integrated Video
The driver is installed, but does not give me any options other than 16 Colors and 640x480. It also gives the following error:
"This device cannot find any free Input/Output Range (I/O) resources to use (Code 12.)"
Sound: Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio
There is no sound. At all. Which sucks.
I ran the installer, and some form of software seems to have been installed, but Device Manager is still showing generic drivers.
Ethernet: Intel PRO/100 VE Network connection
The installer I got from Dell's website fails to start. As of right now, I can't seen to get online at all. The internet equipment has been tested and is not problematic.
My USB keyboard and mouse work okay, but my USB 2.0 flash drive doesn't. This isn't a high priority right now however.
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    did you paste your service tag or model into here? the service tag is more specific.
  2. 190221 said:

    did you paste your service tag or model into here? the service tag is more specific.

    Service tag: 685SC91
    Model Dimension B110
  3. Best answer
    according to
    it is a dimension 9150. Are you sure thats the right service tag?
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