Ryzen 5 1600X Temp. Offset?

Just wondering. i cant seem to find a streight answer. Does the 1600X come with the 20 ºC offset?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. No
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  2. Yes it does. All X series CPUs have that 20C offset.
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    Based on what I've read, they have AN offset, but whatever it is it's not the same as Ryzen 7. Tom's review thinks that there's a difference of 4 to 6C. Seems like inconsistent reporting to me, I wonder if they would even get the similar temps with different chips.,5014-8.html
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  4. Have to take BIOS in the account, With earlier BIOS on my Asus PRIME X370 PRO it was showing much higher temps than they should be, with newest BIOS, it's right to where it should be.
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