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Hello everyone, i've got a weird issue with a notebook, a lot of ram is now in hardware-reserved and i can't figure out why.

Here's the story, the laptop was running win 10 (upgraded from win 7) 64bits, everything was cool (4Gigs installed, and almost 4gigs usable) until the HDD decided to die. So i replaced it by an SSD, reinstalled win10 64bits, and oh my it's now only using 2.9 of the 4 gigs installed with 1.1 being hardware reserved. Can anyone help me out on this? I'm running out of ideas.

-it's an ASUS X200MA, 4gigs, n2840 cpu
-Maximum memory is unchecked in MSCONFIG advanced settings
-No dedicated Gpu (intel HD integrated Gpu )
-RAM appears to be soldered (maybe i'm wrong) anyway adding more ram is NOT an option
-Was running 64bits windows just fine before, and reinstalled win 10 64bits twice to make sure.
-Did a memtest86+ : nothing found ; windows memory diagnostic tool : nothing found
-Bios is up to date (and crappy)
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  1. 1| Have you made sure your laptop/motherboard BIOS is up to date? Which version are you on? The latest is version 506.

    2| Have you ruled out a corrupt installer by recreating your bootable USB installer and reinstalling your OS?
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    Yes i updated the bios to the latest version, i just checked again to be sure (bios 506 2015/05/07), when i re installed windows (2 times) the first time i used an win 10 64bits iso and Win32 Disk Imager the issue still showed up, so i reinstalled using the windows media 10 creation tool, on the same usb flash drive though (sandisk usb 3.0 16gigs) issue is still here.

    Edit: the laptop shipped originally with win 7 64bits and then i upgraded with the free upgrade to win 10 i'll try to do the same steps again (installing win 7 then upgrading to 10 to see if it changes anything)

    2nd Edit: alright after a few hours of struggling installing win7 64bits then upgrading to 10 using the windows 10 media creation tool , the issue no longer appears (3.9gigs available with roughly 80mb hardware reserved)
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