Frustrated of SSD boot + HDD store setup (won't work)

So I recently have a SSD in my system. I already posted to ask how I have to set this up and I came to the point I don't know what to do anymore.
I installed windows on the SSD and I set it as boot priority. I completely cleaned my HDD so there is nothing on it. I want to use my HDD as store drive. I tried to assign Documents and Music and stuff to the maps in the HDD, but it won't do that. It says that the location isn't available.
I am getting frustrated because of this since I am trying to get this to work for hours now.
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  1. Post screenshot from Disk Management.
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  2. Everything looks good there.
    Can you post screenshots from steps you're doing and error?

    It should be as simple as this:
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    You're probably relocating library to folder, that doesn't exist.
    For example if you relocate c:\users\yourusername\documents to h:\users\yourusername\documents
    , then such folder h:\users\yourusername\documents must already be created.
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  4. Try this tool You can add a folder from any location to your Libraries.
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  5. How to redirect where your stuff is saved.
    Pay attention to which specific OS, it makes a difference:

    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1 & 10:
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  6. I deleted all the 4 partitions that where on the HDD. Could this be the problem?
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  7. I think I found it. I deleted the Volume of the HDD and created a new one. The partitions where there again and I was able to locate the HDD. I am gonna check and finish the stuff to see if it is actually working now.
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  8. Found out everything is working now... I hope this will stay and I did everything right. I also posted some more problems I had on the forum, but I think everything is fixed now.
    Thank you guys for helping me :)
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