Problem Copying (Seagate 2tB External Drive)

I m using usb 3.0 port in my PC , while transferring big files. The problem is that when tranfer big iso files (like 60 Gb) from PC to Seagate backup plus slim 2TB external hard drive it goes offline after few seconds of copying file. I didn't figure out what is the problem for this error.

But when i connect my hard disk in usb 2.0 port it copies whole 60Gb file , without any error

Plz give some advice how to solve problem , m also attaching screenshot of Error msg , plz click below link to luk screenshot. Thank U
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    My work firewall prevents opening postimg. From your other thread --

    "while transferring big iso file like 60 gb from PC to Seagate 2tb external hard drive it starts normally but after some seconds it goes to below link to luk image.Plz solve my problem asap. Thanx in Advance."

    I take it that the HD, when plugged into the USB 3.0 port, goes offline.
    When plugged into USB 2.0 -- everything is aok.

    I'll be listening in with you, hopefully others in the know have an answer other than not to use USB 3.0.
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