Pc beeps every 10 seconds, doesn't display anything out of Video ports after the install of the nvidia GTX 1050ti mini

So pretty much as the title says... but I'll fill you in, so... the PC never had a graphics card in it before, this is the first one. I know little when it comes to PC upgrading, but when I installed this I had searched through the web and found out what to do. Anyways, after I had installed it I ran the HDMI through the card and the Lenovo logo had popped up on the monitor, it started beeping and just stayed on that screen (beeps occurring every ten seconds) I tried the standard HDMI and the same thing happened again, I took the Graphics card back out and it just started working... any suggestions guys?

Also, the drivers won't just let me install prior to putting the card in.
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  1. It could be that motherboard is locked down. Is this a pre-built or did you build this yourself? What are your specs for the computer itself?
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    A couple of possibilities are: One, your computer bios is not UEFI and the card you bought works only with UEFI bios equipped motherboards. Two, your computer doesn't have enough power for this card, if you have a 180W power supply for instance. Without make/model of your computer I have no way of knowing what's going on with this particular computer. "Lenovo" covers a lot of ground.
  3. It's a Lenovo H430, it's got a 230W power supply... would intagrated graphics cause an issue?
  4. try update drivers or reinstall
  5. 230w its so low. did you have a lowtier processor? if the answer is yes you should be fine whit that if it isnt a north korean psu maded by esclavized african kids.
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