Figuring out best overclock for gtx 970

as my title suggests, I am trying to figure out the overclocking sweetspot for my MSI gtx 970.
I am running the heaven benchmark 4.0 for testing and afterburner for overclocking.
the numbers are:

- without OC:
average fps: 56.7
score: 1428
minimum fps: 27.5
maximum fps: 119.4
graphics clock : 1342Mhz
memory clock: 3506Mhz

- overclocked at +200mhz core clock and +455mhz memory clock:
average fps 64.7
score: 1630
minimum fps: 29.2
maximum fps: 136.2
graphics clock : 1542Mhz
memory clock: 3960Mhz

Overall, I notice a +/- 14% improval over the non overclocked test.
My question is, not having a lot of experience with overclocking my gpu's, are these numbers somewhat correct?
Thank you for reading,

My rig:
cpu: i7 6700k (no OC)
mobo: MSI z170A gaming pro m7
gpu: MSI gtx 970
ram: 16gb Kingston fury x 2400mhz
ssd: kingston v300 240gb
psu: antec eco 620w
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    I'd suggest pushing those numbers a bit further, but in very small increments. If you notice and stuttering in haven, or artifacts popping up, or the texture is off, bring those numbers down by 10 Mhz, it will then be stable. If it blue screened on you after running 1 Hour, drop it down by another 5 MHz and so on until it is stable.

    Hopefully this helps.

    - TheHybridWolf
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  2. Hello HybridWolf, thank you for your reply.
    I recently watched a video where the guy said that the gtx970 usually doesn't go higher than 1580Mhz without having some kind of problem, therefore I set the graphics clock up to +208Mhz. With that, being cautious I input +550Mhz on the memory clock, which gave me this result:
    - graphics clock: +208, giving 1550Mhz (just so I have a margin of error)
    - memory clock: +550, giving 4056Mhz
    - fps:65.3
    - score: 1645
    - minimum fps: 29.1
    - maximum fps:137.8

    The system seems to be stable, but something else appeared: I check the "start with windows" and "start minimized" in the afterburner options, but values go back to zero everytime I restart my pc and I don't understand why (I also created a profile and locked it).
    Someone also advised me to use msi's gaming app, but I see very little improvement, I am considering uninstalling it after less than 1 hour usage.

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  3. Select an answer to the solution or close this thread.

    - TheHybridWolf
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  4. Alright, thanks again

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